8th Edition, 22 November 2019

Dite Dinesz
Producer at TVR Timisoara, Dite Dinesz has transformed hundreds of life stories into award-winning TV shows which are acclaimed both nationally and internationally. During her live broadcasting, she had the opportunity to meet hundreds of good people whose words and experiences have reached far. She has gladly accepted to present this evening`s Timisoara Viennese Ball for the same reason of meeting good and generous people.

19:00   Guests’ welcoming. According to the tradition of Viennese balls, guests are greeted with a glass of champagne, then they are invited to sit for an official photograph of the event in front of the photo wall

19:50   Guests are invited to take their seats

20:00   Opening ceremony

20:05   Guests of honour are opening the Viennese Ball of Timisoara

20:20   The entrance of the debutants: the first dance of the debutants accompanied by the Spirit of Vienna Orchestra. Presenting the debutantes is another tradition specific to the society balls. The young adults make their debut in society on this occasion.

This year, besides waltz classes, the young people who signed up to become debutants have had the opportunity to attend the „Academia BVT” courses that will help them both in their life and in their career: civic engagement, career orientation, relational intelligence, social etiquette and good manners, public speaking. We had six mentors of national and international reputation:

  • His Excellency, Mr Hans Klemm, USA Ambasador to Romania
  • His Excellency, Mr Gerhard Reiweger, Former Austrian Ambassador to Romania
  • Consul Andreas Count of Bardeau, Austria
  • Ms Carmina Dragomir, CEO, Metropolitan Life
  • Mr Virgil Ianțu, TV Presenter
  • Mr Guy Burrows, Former CEO, Shell Romania

Most of this year’s are high school students. Part of our "Adopting a generation" programme supported by Raiffeisen Bank, we have partnered with four high schools in Timisoara to give the Year 11 and 12 students the opportunity to meet prominent personalities through the ‘Academia BVT’ programme.

20:30   Artistic moment of the mini-dancers (6-12 years old)

20:40   Artistic moment with soprano Irina Marinaș, Koblenz State Theater, Austria, baritone Michael C. Havlicek, Vienna, Austria and flutist Matei Ioachimescu, Vienna, Austria

  • W. A. Mozart - Duet, Papageno-Papagena, from the opera „The Enchanted Flute” (Irina Marinaș and Michael Havlicek)
  • G. Verdi - „Rigoletto” Fantasy for flute (Matei Ioachimescu)
  • J. Strauss – Barinkay’s entrance aria, „Als flotter Geist”, from the operetta „The Gypsy Baron” (Michael Havlicek)
  • F. Lehár - Aria „Meine Lippen, sie küssen so heiß“, from „Giuditta” (Irina Marinaș)
  • F. Lehár - Duet, „Lippen schweigen”, from the operetta „The Merry Widow” (Irina Marinaș and Michael Havlicek)

21:00   Presentation of United Way Romania Foundation - Ada Gabor, Manager Timisoara

21:05   Artistic moment ‘Rising Stars’ dedicated to the emerging local artistic talent - Ballet „Arlequiniada” - Emma Nanău, „Ion Vidu” high-School of Arts, coregraphy department, Year 6 (Prof Alina Mihai).

21:10   Damenspenden - offered by the official partner of the event, The City of Vienna. Another tradition of Viennese balls is to offer small gifts to all the ladies who attend the ball. Every year, at the Viennese Ball of Timisoara, the Damenspenden are offered by the City of Vienna.

21:15   The Edelweiss Awards – the edelweiss is the symbol of generosity which we distribute every year within our community in the form of a pin in exchange of a minimum donation of 10 lei which represents the price of hot lunch for a child from the United Way centres.

Since the 4th edition of the Viennese Ball of Timisoara, we offer these awards to people who have been serving our community generously and wholeheartedly, investing their time, expertise or resources.

21:25   Presentation of the ‘Romania 100’ Scholarships

Last year, the Hațegan Foundation with the support of Adecco, launched the "Romania 100" Scholarship Fund on the occasion of the Romanian centenary. The fund is aimed at young people between the ages of 18 and 25 who demonstrate excellence in any academic field and are enrolled in a University from Timisoara, but need financial support. This year we award the first two scholarships in the amount of 5000 euros per academic year, for 3 years.

21.30   The second dance of the debutants accompanied by Spirit of Vienna Orchestra.

21:35   “Alles Walzer!” Dance programme with Spirit of Vienna Orchestra. The ball opens with these traditional words specific to a Viennese ball and everyone is invited to dance.

22:00   Dance program with Martin Breinschmid and Radio Kings Band.

23:15   Dance program with Spirit of Vienna Orchestra.

0:00   Midnight Quadrille with Spirit of Vienna Orchestra under the guidance of the ball choreographer, Raul Avram. The midnight quadrille is one of the attractions of the Viennese balls when everyone is invited to the dance floor.

0:45   Dance program with Martin Breinschmid and Radio Kings Band.

1:30   Dance program with Spirit of Vienna Orchestra.

2:00   The second quadrille of the night with the Spirit of Vienna Orchestra, under the guidance of the ball choreographer, Raul Avram.

2:30   Dance programme with Spirit of Vienna Orchestra.