The concept is simple: for a minimum donation of 10 lei, which is the price of a hot meal for a disadvantaged child, a pin in the shape of an edelweiss is received. The campaign is an open invitation to all people who believe that being kind and generous is important in life. Thus, the edelweiss becomes a symbol of generosity which the organizers of the Viennese Ball of Timisoara promotes each year in our city.

The "An Edelweiss for a hot meal" campaign lasts for the four weeks running to the Viennese Ball of Timisoara, which, this year, takes place on 23 November 2018. For one month, the edelweiss pins will be distributed by our young volunteers at different distribution points. In this way, the organizers are launching an invitation to companies and organizations to be part of this campaign of generosity and to become distributors of the edelweiss.

All the donations from the edelweiss distribution will provide a hot meal to a child in need from the three centers of United Way Foundation in Timis. Last year, 4700 edelweiss pins were distributed, providing 4700 meals.

Ada Gabor, Managing Director of United Way Timisoara, said: "For the 1200 children we work with in the United Way centres in the western region, this campaign means they do not have to worry about tomorrow."

As in the previous years, the edelweiss has already done good before being distributed. The pins were made by mothers from single-parent families with many children, through the CRIS-DU Aeropagus Association, which organizes social integration programs for people in difficulty.


Floarea de colț (edelweiss) is a registered trademark nr 021457 / 31.01.2017