Timișoara Viennese Ball

9th Edition, 24 November 2022

We invite you on 24 November to the 9th edition of
National Theatre of Timisoara

The Viennese Ball of the “Little Vienna”, as Timisoara is also known, is a restored tradition in the cultural and economic life of the city. A charity event which aims to create values, attitudes, and social contexts to unite the city`s leading figures. An event that is meant to revive the values of a by-gone era, which had a strong role in the culture of this country, to sit in their natural track, Romanian society values and integrate them into European Culture.
We want this event to become a tradition in the life of Timisoara, to highlight the business sector in the Banat region, to become the bridge between leading representatives of the Romanian society and representatives of foreign businesses operating in the area and to become an opportunity for foreign guests of honor to discover the best parts of the Banat area.